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Battery Christmas ball ornament

Battery Christmas ball ornament

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Sompex LED decorative lamp Ornament | Large Christmas ball with lighting | decorative element floor / windowsill.

As if from a distant world - made by small busy elf hands from the workshop of the winter wonderland - this is the effect of the enchanting LED lights from Sompex. The elegant decorative lights, in the form of a tree ball, are available in 3 different sizes as well as 5 colors and dimmable in 8 different modes. With this Christmas light ball, the contemplation is guaranteed to hold and invites you to cozy hours.

Built-in 6 hour timer, this turns the elements on daily for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours, this requires the remote control.

Light modes: Sequential, Flashing, Fast flashing, Wave-like, Cozy glow, Fade in and out, Continuous glow

8 light functions



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